Sunday, October 31, 2010

Stolen Girlfriends Club

Just browsing the www, being bored, and found out this amazing piece of information!
"Stolen Girlfriends Club was formed in 2005 by ex professional surfers Marc Moore and Luke Harwood. The reason for starting their own brand? To make t-shirts that their girlfriends could wear home in the morning...thus giving the brand an ever present androgynous feel. 
All their collections are made here in NZ, instantly giving the brand a high end boutique feel with an exclusive niche market."
I stumbled across this on the website Suprette which has amazing New Zealand clothing, plus a lot more. Check it out.

It is fair to say my mind was blown, though the name does make sense now! Some of their clothing is so feminine and dainty, and they do knit wear like no other, that I just could not imagine males designing it. To be fair though, now that I think about it, it is predominantly power shoulders and denim and mesh, and some of the best designers in the world are male. Of course they would have female support but you get what I am saying. S.G.C is one of my favourite designers, so I thought why not share some of their clothing.

I love their latest collection which is made up of (American) football-esque t-shirts, snakeskin, tribal print and just generally beachy clothing. The collection is titled "Life's a beach... watch out for crabs". The models were fitting with smoky eyes and lose, rustled hair with feathers in. Note: the pictures are not all from the this collection. The last 2 dresses are and the first dress. The rest are just pictures I liked that I had saved to my computer. For more pictures follow the link.

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