Monday, November 29, 2010

RED Lips Sink Ships

Red is such an amazing colour, to wear and just as a colour in general - in fact it is probably my favourite colour. But something about it just screams 'Look at me!'. Haha, and it is so versatile, as in it can be romantic and glamorous or blood red 'I'm a vampire'-type thing, or just playful! I don't think I own enough/much red.
Red was on my mind so to the blog it goes!

My problem is, though, that I don't really suit red lips, which annoys me as it is such a pretty lipstick/lip gloss colour. Oh well, hopefully it will look better when I go back to my natural colour (6th of December. Wooooh!).

Update: My problem is that I have lost my red lipgloss! It was blood red and smelt delicious. Bummer.

Both photos from TheGoldenDiamonds

By the way, don't correct me - I know the actual saying is 'Loose Lips Sink Ships'.

Alex Gaudino - I'm In Love (I Wanna Do It)

I am sorry I have been such a bad blogger lately, I have no excuse, just that I am a very lazy person. I really ought to be 50kg's heavier then I am.

This video was shown to me by the greatest, most amazing, beautiful person whom is my bestfriend, Maddie (hope you enjoyed the shoutout. Haha) but it really is an amazing video and I thought it deserved a post! That guy who washes the car - phwoar - sooo goodlooking! Or perhaps sexy is the right word. Love the Guns n Roses shirt!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Bored, Tired and Found Future Husband

I would like to start by saying my heart does sincerely go out to all of those people who have been effected by the Pike Mine disaster. It is honestly a tragedy. I still have hope some people will be found alive, though they are now saying no one has survived and it is now a 'Search and Recovery' operation, as apposed to a 'Search and Rescue' operation. It frustrates me though that now they are saying that no one has survived, when they are yet to recover any bodies. Keep hope people. I am grateful though that no rescuers were sent into the mine to try to find the trapped miners, because with the second explosion today, the death toll would be a lot larger.

Now to indulge you with the juicy details of my day (aka, a very uneventful day). I woke up reasonably early and I woke up earlier then I would on a school day the day before, plus late nights. So I am extremely tired. I celebrated the end of exams the other day with a BBQ/swim at my friends Marcelle's house which was very enjoyable. This all has resulted in me writing a very half-ass blog-post while really just wanting to sleep and never wake up - until the next really sunny day that is. Weather has been poor lately.

Me with my back to the camera. I chose not to put a 'slicked back hair' photo of me facing the camera on. Not a great look. Ha ha

Now what you have all been waiting for... my future husband! He is 17, sings (like a God), also plays the piano, he has impeccable style, is from Gothenburg (reminds me of Gothem in Batman), which is the 2nd biggest city in Sweden after Stockholm, and he is bloody good looking. And all of this from a quick lookbook stalk!

I know I have been a terrible fashion blogger lately, but I have a new pair of glasses and a blouse I got off Trade Me so pictures of those to come, plus I am doing some DIY right now so pictures of that to come also!

Monday, November 22, 2010


Aren't playsuits lovely? This trade me member, nzyapee, sells heaps. All a bit expensive for me right now seeing as I am saving for summer but I desperately want someone to get married so I can wear that adorable mint green one. Or just any half-decent excuse for me to get the sailor one!

All pictures from the sellers listings

the girl with kaleidoscopes for eyes

"Dressing is the fourth bodily function. After breathing, eating and sleeping - and excluding a couple of delicious optional extras. One of the fundamental pleasures of the human body is to clothe it, thus making fashion its closest relative - pretty important.... It lives and exists not only as one of the most ravishing and compelling of entertainments but as the surest indicator of time. Ever since Eve wore a fig leaf, fashion has been associated with two things: defining sexuality and committing outrageous behaviour.
... there are the handful of geniuses who put beauty and art before everything. That will be me one day."

This is a quote from my friend Liselle's tumblr, the girl with kaleidoscopes for eyes. I would definitely check it out. I just thought this quote was so cool and special and seeing as my blog is a fashion blog (kind of) it deserved some reblogging. There is more to the quote but I shortened it as I always seem to do massive posts.

All pictures from Liselle's Tumblr

Saturday, November 20, 2010

hair woes continued...

I know, I know. Always the hair. But I was reading about this little book on Kavita's blog, i heart vintage x, and I was just thinking 'What a cute, useful little book'. I just like all the handy hints for growing hair, which I want to do.

I adore this quote. Just love it.


Zippora Seven

It has been a while since I have posted anything fashion related/pretty/interesting (with the exception of mini-fridges!!), so I thought I would dedicate this post to the lovely Zippora Seven, or Zippy.
I first noticed her when she modelled for New Zealand designers such as Ruby and Lonely Hearts (as blogged about here). She is gorgeous, not that tall for a model (5'6" ; 168cm), has amazing hair, and is probably my favourite model alongside Ali Michael, Hannah Glasby and Abbey Lee Kershaw.


One exam to go // Favourite blogs

I have kind of only posted about exams lately (with the exception of mini-appliances and hair) but... only 1 more exam to go! [Does a celebratory jug].
So I was thinking, since I am feeling a little uninspired, I would just link to you some of my favourite blogs. Enjoy, and I hope you find in them the beauty I do! Ha ha

fashiontoast, by Rumi Neely (which I blogged about here)
London Rose, by Hannah Rose
Fashion Vinyl, by Lydia (Hannah Rose's room mate)

And some favourite flickr's/tumblr's:
Fuck Yeah Skinny Bitch (which I like for the pretty photos. I am not pro-ana)

Lydia from Fashion Vinyl
Marie Zucker's photography
Rumi Neely from fashiontoast

hair woes

I have been wondering what to do with my hair for quite a while now as I have been red for about 5 months, plus I want to mix it up for summer! I was set on extensions but for a full head of permanent ones (clip-ins are a drag so I sold mine) it is about NZ $1000 for the hair, plus the cost of getting them put in, plus the die and cut. Anyone know where I can get a good deal?
As mentioned here, I was considering getting a colourful colour put in my hair like a bluey, aqua thing, but I think that would work best with long hair. So I have decided, I am going to go my natural colour, which I have intended to do for ages. It is just so much easier in summer - no dying needed, and I want to be a shade of blonde for summer (though I am dark blonde/ash brown now, I used to be white-blond when I was a kid) and it is just so easy maintenance being el-natural! So I am booked in to the hairdresser for a die and trim. But I was thinking, being one colour is a little boring. I hate streaks (no offence) so I was thinking of going my natural colour (see picture below) and then having it blondened at the ends. Like, have it fading into a really light blonde. Because I have wanted the faded look for ages like the Alice Dellal pic below, but once again, I think that looks best with extensions!

Wow, respect if you read this entire rant & rave. haha

Inspiration time:

My natural colour(ish)
Ali Michael, definitely up there on my list of favourite models. Photo courtesy of google images.  

Alice Dellal with amazing hair (wouldn't go for the bald patch myself though)

And in other hair related news, I have gone for the middle part! I suit a bang/front fringe, but sticking with the easy-for-summer theme, I am growing my fringe out which I have had as a side fringe for the past 5 months. And now I am wearing it as a middle part. It looks a bit off-centre in the photos I do realise.

My hair looks quite brown here. It is very faded and I have extreme regrowth! Apologies. Ha ha. And the 'World's Greatest Lover' mug is a gift from friends. Also probably the worlds largest mug.

Thoughts, ideas, opinions?

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

sooooooo hot

Today I had my English exam - 3 hours frantic writing. We are expected to do 3 essay responses, a formal writing essay, and an unfamiliar text (says it is expected to take us 40 minutes just for unfamiliar text... took me twice that). So I never ended up doing formal writing and lets just say I am not proud of my last essay which I wrote in 17 mins. Oh well, I am happy, I think I did OK and with maths last Monday there is only 4 exams to go! Ha ha joy.
Anyway, it is so hot here! I have to get out of my room now. It's like an oven! And they tell us our high today is 22 degrees (Celsius). I could not handle much more heat then this! If I am to quote my friend now, "stop writing a bloody essay and go study!"

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Car Fridge

OH MY EFFN GOSH. I WANT IT, I WANT IT, I WANT IT! I think I might get it!

If anyone wanted to get me a Christmas present, your searching ends here!!!!
Honestly, if I could marry an object, I would run down to the store and buy a ring right now. Just call me
Mrs Car Fridge.

How beneficial would this bad boy be?! Is it too small though? Waste of money? Eeeeeek. Because today me and Kevio (aka father) discovered my car has multiple cigarette lighters (which is where you plug the fridge into)! One in the boot, one in the middle and one in the front. HOLLLAAAAA!
It features a nearly 2 meter cord, door tray, removable shelf, and is only 4.5kg. Lightwieght, portable, great for road rips and the likes. It has it all! Haha

Friday, November 12, 2010


So impressed with the Moochi Spring 2010 collection. My mums friend manages the Tauranga store so I was in there a little while ago and to my horror it is no longer all women's clothing! I used to think of it as a 'mum' store but no sir-ry! I would wear most of it. And what I thought is cool is that most of the garments from this collection are named after places/states in America like the Orleans sweater, the Alabama dress (coincidentally I was bidding on an 'Alabama dress' on Trade Me from Ruby), the Texas shorts (my favourite piece from this collection - the leather shorts in the 2nd picture) etc. I am also in love with the Georgia dress which is the black and white dress at the bottom.


Thursday, November 11, 2010

coloured hair

I know coloured hair (like, colours of the rainbow type-thing) has been a trend for over a year, but only now am I really considering it for myself. My best friend, Maddie, had pink put in her blonde hair for about a year and that looked amazing but I never considered it for me. To be fair, I am pretty sure I will not be getting anything like this done (I try to be adventuress with my hair; I have been Lady GaGa white, am red now, cut it guy-short at one stage etc) but this would just be so hard to maintain and I personally don't think I could pull it off!
Here are the pictures that got me thinking:

All photos from fuckyeahskinnybitch

The first one is my favourite I think, the second and third is the most amazing colour but would be a bitch to maintain (I imagine the colour would all run out after 2 washes), in the fourth both colours are nice and subtle, and the fifth just looks like candy floss. Which I love.

the weather

The weather and I are pretty in sync lately. It has been doing what I want it to do; it has been sunny for the entirety of my last week of year 11 (which I wanted it to be because I pissed around all week), and today it is cloudy - perfect study weather. I hope it remains cloudy until the last Monday of my science exam and then BAM, the most perfect, amazing weather you could possible imagine.
Here's to hoping, haha.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Egged car

Got to my car today to find it had been egged by Tauranga Boys College. I honestly just cracked up (excuse the pun), mixed in with a few swear words! It's funny cause it is so hot here lately the egg cooks and smells really bad, but I wasn't the only one. Most of the schools cars parked in the same St as mine were egged. It is a tad annoying though to people who have flash cars cause the egg can ruin the paint and the police got involved. All in good humour though, right?
My car was definitely moderate though compared to some others.

Unfortunately I didn't get a photo :(

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Maxi maxi maxi!

Today I went out to dinner at Zeytins with my friends to celebrate my newest bargain: my maxi dress! Well, we went out to dinner because we were bored, but it was a good excuse to wear my dress, which I wore with my clogs and crochet jumper-thing. Only 30 bucks and I absolutely adore it, and I will get heaps of wear out of it because I can wear it to the beach or at night! I stumbled across it while getting coat hangers at the warehouse and while Marcelle tried on a bikini. It is just so much fun to wear.