Thursday, November 11, 2010

coloured hair

I know coloured hair (like, colours of the rainbow type-thing) has been a trend for over a year, but only now am I really considering it for myself. My best friend, Maddie, had pink put in her blonde hair for about a year and that looked amazing but I never considered it for me. To be fair, I am pretty sure I will not be getting anything like this done (I try to be adventuress with my hair; I have been Lady GaGa white, am red now, cut it guy-short at one stage etc) but this would just be so hard to maintain and I personally don't think I could pull it off!
Here are the pictures that got me thinking:

All photos from fuckyeahskinnybitch

The first one is my favourite I think, the second and third is the most amazing colour but would be a bitch to maintain (I imagine the colour would all run out after 2 washes), in the fourth both colours are nice and subtle, and the fifth just looks like candy floss. Which I love.

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