Friday, November 5, 2010


Things currently on my mind:
1. It's Friday (just that one line makes me want to break into the Smashproof song), which means many things - Glee S2 Episode 1 is just 45 minutes away, which I am very excited for, and it is the weekend (which unfortunately will be spent studying, but on the plus side me and my mum are doing a spot of shopping tomorrow).

2. STUUUUUUDDDYYYY! So much to do!

3. Just 4 more days of school this year, plus a week of exams - 6 exams in total.

4. And lastly, summer. I can smell summer it is so close! I can taste 2 months of freedom. Speaking of breaking into song, just the mention of summer makes me want to start chanting 'Summer. Summer', like in the start of High School Musical 2 (Yes, I watched it. Guilty as charged). Summer for me means various things:

- watermelon
- the beach (needless to say)
- my new bikini which I still haven't had a chance to wear!
- Copenhagen Cones
- new sunglasses (I am yet to purchase but I know exactly what I want. Any ideas where to get them from?)
Photo of Rumi Neely from fashiontoast
Photo 'Fuckyeahskinnybitch' flickr

- walks up and around the Mount
- BBQ's!!!
- simply just kicking back and having loads of time on your hands. Beach by day, BBQ by night. Watching endless movies etc etc

I hope everyone enjoys their summer holidays!

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