Saturday, November 20, 2010

hair woes

I have been wondering what to do with my hair for quite a while now as I have been red for about 5 months, plus I want to mix it up for summer! I was set on extensions but for a full head of permanent ones (clip-ins are a drag so I sold mine) it is about NZ $1000 for the hair, plus the cost of getting them put in, plus the die and cut. Anyone know where I can get a good deal?
As mentioned here, I was considering getting a colourful colour put in my hair like a bluey, aqua thing, but I think that would work best with long hair. So I have decided, I am going to go my natural colour, which I have intended to do for ages. It is just so much easier in summer - no dying needed, and I want to be a shade of blonde for summer (though I am dark blonde/ash brown now, I used to be white-blond when I was a kid) and it is just so easy maintenance being el-natural! So I am booked in to the hairdresser for a die and trim. But I was thinking, being one colour is a little boring. I hate streaks (no offence) so I was thinking of going my natural colour (see picture below) and then having it blondened at the ends. Like, have it fading into a really light blonde. Because I have wanted the faded look for ages like the Alice Dellal pic below, but once again, I think that looks best with extensions!

Wow, respect if you read this entire rant & rave. haha

Inspiration time:

My natural colour(ish)
Ali Michael, definitely up there on my list of favourite models. Photo courtesy of google images.  

Alice Dellal with amazing hair (wouldn't go for the bald patch myself though)

And in other hair related news, I have gone for the middle part! I suit a bang/front fringe, but sticking with the easy-for-summer theme, I am growing my fringe out which I have had as a side fringe for the past 5 months. And now I am wearing it as a middle part. It looks a bit off-centre in the photos I do realise.

My hair looks quite brown here. It is very faded and I have extreme regrowth! Apologies. Ha ha. And the 'World's Greatest Lover' mug is a gift from friends. Also probably the worlds largest mug.

Thoughts, ideas, opinions?

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