Monday, November 29, 2010

RED Lips Sink Ships

Red is such an amazing colour, to wear and just as a colour in general - in fact it is probably my favourite colour. But something about it just screams 'Look at me!'. Haha, and it is so versatile, as in it can be romantic and glamorous or blood red 'I'm a vampire'-type thing, or just playful! I don't think I own enough/much red.
Red was on my mind so to the blog it goes!

My problem is, though, that I don't really suit red lips, which annoys me as it is such a pretty lipstick/lip gloss colour. Oh well, hopefully it will look better when I go back to my natural colour (6th of December. Wooooh!).

Update: My problem is that I have lost my red lipgloss! It was blood red and smelt delicious. Bummer.

Both photos from TheGoldenDiamonds

By the way, don't correct me - I know the actual saying is 'Loose Lips Sink Ships'.

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