Monday, November 22, 2010

the girl with kaleidoscopes for eyes

"Dressing is the fourth bodily function. After breathing, eating and sleeping - and excluding a couple of delicious optional extras. One of the fundamental pleasures of the human body is to clothe it, thus making fashion its closest relative - pretty important.... It lives and exists not only as one of the most ravishing and compelling of entertainments but as the surest indicator of time. Ever since Eve wore a fig leaf, fashion has been associated with two things: defining sexuality and committing outrageous behaviour.
... there are the handful of geniuses who put beauty and art before everything. That will be me one day."

This is a quote from my friend Liselle's tumblr, the girl with kaleidoscopes for eyes. I would definitely check it out. I just thought this quote was so cool and special and seeing as my blog is a fashion blog (kind of) it deserved some reblogging. There is more to the quote but I shortened it as I always seem to do massive posts.

All pictures from Liselle's Tumblr

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