Tuesday, November 16, 2010

sooooooo hot

Today I had my English exam - 3 hours frantic writing. We are expected to do 3 essay responses, a formal writing essay, and an unfamiliar text (says it is expected to take us 40 minutes just for unfamiliar text... took me twice that). So I never ended up doing formal writing and lets just say I am not proud of my last essay which I wrote in 17 mins. Oh well, I am happy, I think I did OK and with maths last Monday there is only 4 exams to go! Ha ha joy.
Anyway, it is so hot here! I have to get out of my room now. It's like an oven! And they tell us our high today is 22 degrees (Celsius). I could not handle much more heat then this! If I am to quote my friend now, "stop writing a bloody essay and go study!"

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