Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Bored, Tired and Found Future Husband

I would like to start by saying my heart does sincerely go out to all of those people who have been effected by the Pike Mine disaster. It is honestly a tragedy. I still have hope some people will be found alive, though they are now saying no one has survived and it is now a 'Search and Recovery' operation, as apposed to a 'Search and Rescue' operation. It frustrates me though that now they are saying that no one has survived, when they are yet to recover any bodies. Keep hope people. I am grateful though that no rescuers were sent into the mine to try to find the trapped miners, because with the second explosion today, the death toll would be a lot larger.

Now to indulge you with the juicy details of my day (aka, a very uneventful day). I woke up reasonably early and I woke up earlier then I would on a school day the day before, plus late nights. So I am extremely tired. I celebrated the end of exams the other day with a BBQ/swim at my friends Marcelle's house which was very enjoyable. This all has resulted in me writing a very half-ass blog-post while really just wanting to sleep and never wake up - until the next really sunny day that is. Weather has been poor lately.

Me with my back to the camera. I chose not to put a 'slicked back hair' photo of me facing the camera on. Not a great look. Ha ha

Now what you have all been waiting for... my future husband! He is 17, sings (like a God), also plays the piano, he has impeccable style, is from Gothenburg (reminds me of Gothem in Batman), which is the 2nd biggest city in Sweden after Stockholm, and he is bloody good looking. And all of this from a quick lookbook stalk!

I know I have been a terrible fashion blogger lately, but I have a new pair of glasses and a blouse I got off Trade Me so pictures of those to come, plus I am doing some DIY right now so pictures of that to come also!

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